3150 Utica Avenue

Jackson, Mississippi 39209

About ISC

Industrial Steam Cleaners began in the backyard shop of Ernest Rogers in 1959. Ernest’s first formulated product was a revolutionary all-purpose detergent/degreaser that he called “ISC #7”— a formula that continues to be our top-selling chemical even to this day. ISC #7 is the best all-around vehicle wash

and degreaser available on the market.

With the success of ISC #7, Ernest quickly outgrew his backyard shop and moved to a full-size building. Shortly thereafter he began building the current ISC complex at 3150 Utica Avenue in Jackson, Mississippi. Since 1959, ISC has evolved into the leading

formulator of a variety of chemical detergents and the leading distributor of quality hot and cold pressure washers. Our mission is simple: To provide only the best products, the best service, and the best value for our customers. We invite you to experience the ISC difference.

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