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  • Non-caustic
  • High performance
  • Hot or cold application


Excellent for auto dealers or commercial/institutional fleet cleaning. When properly applied, leaves vehicles with a wax-like sheen.


  • High performance
  • Hot or cold application
  • Excellent grease removal


An excellent cleaner for OTR trucks and heavy equipment.  Strong on grease and easy on finished surfaces. Our top-selling detergent.


  • Excellent on crude oil.
  • No remediation required
  • Best with Hot Water


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, free rinsing degreaser. Effective for removing raw crude oil, grease and most petroleum based products. Best with hot water.

Mean Green

  • Strong on dirt and grease
  • Hot or cold application
  • Removes tire marks


For shop floors, parking lots, bank drive-thrus and areas where oily buildup can occur on surfaces.


  • Best multi-use degreaser
  • Hot or cold application
  • Interior and exterior use


Removes wax from floors and baseboards. Mop kitchen floors to remove slippery grease buildup.

Aluma Brite

  • Aluminum cleaner and brightener
  • Hot or cold application


Excellent low pH cleaner for removing alkaline soils from aluminum bodies of heavy equipment. Use with pump sprayer or apply through pressure washer.

Panel Bright

  • Excellent for fleet washes
  • OTR/local truck lines
  • Hot or cold application


Designed to clean OTR tractor/trailers and other commercial vehicles. Used as directed it will clean painted surfaces without damage. Removes carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.